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Frustrated family and friends often attempt to change the behavior of the addict in their midst by threatening, cajoling, ostracizing, appeasing, gifting, shunning, loving and endlessly discussing. Such efforts, while well meaning, most often fail to guide a person in crisis toward desperately needed help and admission to an addiction treatment center.

Firm but loving confrontation through a professional Intervention offers the best crisis outcome for the alcoholic, the addict and those who love them. Professional Intervention is considered the first and most critical stage of recovery for addicts and their families. The goal of a successful Intervention is to set the foundation for a meaningful and sustainable long-term recovery for the alcoholic or addict.


As a recovering person for over thirty years, licensed clinician, treatment industry consultant and co-founder of two residential addiction treatment programs, Arch knows the nuances of Intervention. Together with his business and life partner Julie, a licensed attorney, trained Interventionist and long-time recovering person herself, they own and operate Recovery Elevated Solutions (RES). Located in Horton Bay, MI, RES serves the global marketplace with particular focus on Intermountain and West Coast communities.

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